The Australian adventure has just begun and preparations are in full swing. POSTPONED




Creating a visual identity is not easy at all. Various criteria have to be met, and one of the very important parts of the puzzle is recognition.


To design a logo that will help you recognize my little thing in the future looks something like this:



I tried to make it as simple as possible and without too much detail. In due time, I even opened a "contest" for the creation of a logo and promised a reward to those who devise something meaningful. That didn't work, so with Bruno's help, I got down to business.

"Australia route 2020" visual identity

We have implemented the logo mentioned above into the logo of the adventure that follows and I hope you enjoy it. Every detail has its meaning ...

On the trip we will be accompanied by two adventurers - Goran Visnjic and my little one.

- Australia route 2020 is the name of the adventure and it's clear.

- Two coats of arms, and above each coat of arms a name. They represent the places we come from. Below my name is the coat of arms of Bistra, and below Goran's is the coat of arms of his Vareš, from which many years ago he printed his belly for bread.

- The Croatian and Bosnian flags are also present and I hope that this detail does not need to be specifically explained.

- My fb page is titled "Because the Sea Must Travel - Brmbi" and Goran's "Ride Aboat AU". Both are also visible ...

- The kangaroo and the desert need not be specifically explained

- The contours of the Australian continent, recognizable dice and Uluru, a famous stone hill in central Australia, are all within the logo

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Every major project - I call the adventure a specific name and make a stitch. The number of attachments equals the number of travel participants. One copy is given to one who dares to travel with me.

If you notice the stitching I wear on my vest, know that it was this person who had the courage, the craziness and the nerve to travel in my company.

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My Queen's vest is adorned with the adage "Nordkapp route 2017". "Sahara route 2018" and "Vladivostok route 2018" are on the vest, owned by Zeljko Rankovic, while "Malta route 2019" and "Vladivostok route 2019" are kept in the archives by the great adventurer and traveler Antun Colig.

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Goran Visnjic will soon become the owner of Australia Route 2020. He is a great adventurer, a moto traveler and above all a man. He is also the main "culprit" for the adventure ahead. I couldn't resist his call to take much of the continent together. To be perfectly clear, it is an opportunity that is rare and I consider myself a privileged person with a huge appreciation for Goran.

Text & photo: Igor Kukec, Brmbi

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